Monday, 29 December 2008

Illness ........ a WW best friend! lol

All I can say is, I know these virus' that have been going round are nasty but the one I got made everything tasteless which meant I managed not to overindulge over Christmas so I am actually glad I got mine! lol

I have throughly enjoyed my Xmas this year (even without the 'ole taste buds), my kids have loved every minute of it, everything went to plan, Father Christmas got it right on the present front and I laughed all the time.

We got a Wii for the kids as a joint present and I think they are brilliant, totally addictive, what I do like about them is that they seem to bring back that family togetherness like when we used to play charades at Xmas. How old do I sound??? Anyway, I am seriously thinking of investing in a Wii fit now to help me with my weight loss.

So bring on the New Year, I am ready.

Happy New Year.


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