Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I must be mad..............

I was wide awake at 10pm so I went on my Wii Active for an I am not so wide awake! lol


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Aspbergers Syndrome

This is a woman who has a group on Facebook and this is what she wrote as an introduction:

'My name is Natasha,and my gorgeous 9 year old son has Asperger's syndrome, An Autistic spectrum disorder. People with Asperger's lack basic social skills and are often detached from the world around them.They find it difficult to judge the world and the appropriate way to behave in social situations. They often struggle to maintain friendships and often feel isolated and confused. They are literal thinkers, so one has to be very careful wording things when talking to someone with AS.They often suffer meltdowns due to the anxiety of trying to fit in.They can seem insensitive and rude to people who have no understanding of this condition, although they don't mean to. They are just very honest and say what they see in the way that they see it.People with AS have described having Asperger's as a feeling they are aliens who have come to a world they know nothing about.They often misjudge or misread other peoples body language or facial expressions.I feel Asperger's is a misunderstood condition and more resources should be made available for its sufferers and their families.I also feel there is not enough awareness in schools and many children are undiagnosed and written off as disruptive, spoilt or a lost cause.I feel parents are faced with a daunting task when seeking diagnosis and then support that they need, it is never forthcoming it seems. AS EFFECTS THE WHOLE FAMILY. I feel the diagnostic criteria for Asperger's should be widened, as it is very rigid and in my research I have found no two Aspies to be the same. That said I feel after a child has been given a firm diagnosis of Asperger's they should be given an immediate statement of educational needs to then be tailored to that childs specific needs. It seems we battle to get these kids diagnosed and then battle to get them support after that fact, It took me over a year to get a statement for my son who was in a school that was completely unprepared to acknowledge his Asperger's and where he was extremely unhappy, only after removing him from that school and homeschooling whilst applying myself did we get anywhere. It was a battle that I feel we parents shouldnt have to fight alone without guidance or support,My little boy has many irrational phobias, o.c.d, mild Dyspraxia and an underdeveloped lower jaw, he is almost always in a state of high anxiety. He becomes fixated with various interests that take him over, he desperately wants to fit in and make friends but struggles to do so. He has very rigid moral beliefs that cannot be wavered and do not go down too well with peers!!People with AS usually have average to high I.Q's and that leaves them with the knowledge they are different from other people. Asperger's sufferers have the highest suicide rate as opposed to others with different forms of Autism, so life tools and support are vital.My son worries about everything and these worries often hinder his progress. One of the things I personally struggle with the most is other peoples opinions and misconceptions of him, A close friend of mine recently told me "he is just rude".I have had to learn to ignore those accusing stares in restaurants and supermarkets when he is in full melt down mode, I know I am a good parent, but it took a long time to realise that due to other peoples lack of understanding, this has often included friends and family members who felt he just needed a good smack!!my son is an exceptional bright and loving little boy, who is often let down by the system. I wouldn't change him for the world, IT IS NOT ALL DOOM AND GLOOM!!!! AS can be a heartbreaking condition at times but there is also the joy he brings into our lives, he is funny, brave, full of love and mine!!!I want to help raise awareness for these special people and make sure everyone involved with someone with Asperger's also feels supported.IVE FOUND IT CAN BE VERY ISOLATING BEING A PARENT OF AN AS CHILD, SO LETS SUPPORT EACH OTHER X'

I felt like I was reading about Matthew and how I feel, I thought I would send it to my friends and family so they could get a better understaning about Matthew and my life with him. I love him very much. .


Monday, 21 September 2009

Another catch-up!

We had another wedding this weekend just gone and again it was lovely, it as actually the first time I had met the bride and groom but they were really nice, welcoming people, the groom is a friend of Andy's. They got married at the town hall and it was a quick but heartfelt ceremony, they had some pictures done at the fountains then we all met up later for the evening do. The kids had a great time.
Yesterday me and Matthew met up with my sister for a bike ride, we did a round trip to Meadowhall, 12.24 miles in total!!!! It was great fun and the weather was gorgeous, we came back via the canal which was so peacefull and made a change from all the cars wizzing passed! I am very proud of us all for doing it, we are getting a lot fitter! I do ache like a mo'fo today though!! lol

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I have got a cold..................

and I feel terrible, early night for me tonight!!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Lost 2lbs!!!!

I am really pleased with that, I made a plan, stuck to it and it appears to have worked, yay me! lol

Motivated now to have another good week even though I have got another wedding this Saturday.


Monday, 14 September 2009

The best birthday ever...............

I have been spoilt rotten today. the biggest news is that Andy has organised a friend of ours to take me on a plane ride in October!!!!!! I am very excited!!!
I got up with the kids and opened my cards and pressies before they went to school, when Andy got back from taking Lauren we got ready and hit the town to spend my birthday money, Andy then took me to Pizza Express for my lunch, it was yummy!! We then met my friend Gemma for a coffee before my next treat. My sis had bought me some lovely pressies but there was one I wasnt allowed to open, I had to wait till 2pm then call my sis before opening it, I followed my instructions and she had booked me and andy in for an 'indulgent' afternoon tea and The Leopold Hotel in Sheffield.
It was amazing and we drank sooooo much tea!!
This day has been one to remember, here's to another 40 years!
Thank you for all my birthday wishes. :0)



Sunday, 13 September 2009

Miranda and Ash's wedding 12.09.09

We had a lovely day at Maz and Ash's wedding, it was beautiful from start to finish. Ash looked dapper and Miranda was absolutely stunning!
The weather stayed perfect along with the whole day.
The chinese latterns we bought for them as a present worked and looked smashing going up in the sky at the end of the night.
Love them both very much. xxx
It is my 40th tomorrow which I am really looking forward too and my neice has gone onto labour today, September is turning out to be a good month.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

So I need a plan........

I have an all day wedding on Saturday and my birthday on Monday.

I am currently on 21 points a day, so I am going to try to have 18 points Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and next Tuesday (weigh in day) and then just make careful choices on Saturday and Monday with the food I have and try not to drink too much free booze on Saturday (I am not a big drinker anyway and I will need to pace myself as it will be a long day).

Hopefully this will at worse give me a 'stay-the -same' on my next weigh in, fingers crossed.


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Fuckity fuck.............

2 more lbs on!



6 days to go......

till my 40th birthday!!

I love birthdays and I am looking forward to this one.
I havent ever been worried about getting old and I certainly dont look on 40 as being old at all, I am only halfway through my life and so far it has been good, oh and if life really does begin at 40 then I cant wait cos it has been pretty damn good so far!!! lol
Bring it on!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Miranda's 2nd hen night.

We had a really lovely time and the food was delicious, we went to Mish Mash on Ecclesall Road in Sheffiled (shameless plug!).
It was nice to meet Maz's family and other friends and we all got on like a house on fire. Everyone is so excited about the wedding on Saturday, me included. Good times.
On a WW/excersise note, went on my bike today for 2 hours 40 minutes! Get me!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Thinking about Xmas pressies.........

already!!! Christ that is depressing, in fact I ordered my first one today and that was a bike for Lolly.

We know what the kids want for their main pressies, Matt also wants a bike and Will wants a little stereo, the stocking fillers can be sorted in a month or so.

I have no idea what to buy fo anyone else this year, it gets harder and harder as the years go on. I will have to keep an ear out for any ideas when I am talking to people. All I know is that the key word for this year is BUDGET!


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

0 point mushroom curry......

is yummy yummy yummy!

750g mushrooms
2 teaspoons of cumin
4 teaspoons of curry powder
3 teaspoons of Lazy persons garlic (fresh if you prefer)
Chopped tinned tomatoes
Tomato puree
1 red onion
1 white onion

Sweat the onions then add everything except the mushrooms and bring the mixture to simmering then add mushrooms. Stir mixture so mushrooms evenly covered and put lid on pan and bring to boil for 5 minutes, remove lid and leave to simmer for 20 minutes until cooked.......that's it. Yummy.


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Half a pound on......

after having 2 fab weekends away of food, drink and merryment, I am chuffed with that!

Here's to a week of low point healthy meals to balance out the meal on Friday.



is weigh in day. I missed last weeks weigh in due to Matt going to the childrens hospital so it will be interesting to see what the scales have in store for me. I have had 2 fantastic weekends since my last weigh in so whatever the scales do tell me I will accept and start from there.

My aim from now until the 2nd weekend in October is to at worse maintain, as I have previously posted I have LOADS of social things coming up that involve food that is not under my control. I have a plan of action in place and I am going to stict to it! That is my goal for the next 5 weeks.