Monday, 14 September 2009

The best birthday ever...............

I have been spoilt rotten today. the biggest news is that Andy has organised a friend of ours to take me on a plane ride in October!!!!!! I am very excited!!!
I got up with the kids and opened my cards and pressies before they went to school, when Andy got back from taking Lauren we got ready and hit the town to spend my birthday money, Andy then took me to Pizza Express for my lunch, it was yummy!! We then met my friend Gemma for a coffee before my next treat. My sis had bought me some lovely pressies but there was one I wasnt allowed to open, I had to wait till 2pm then call my sis before opening it, I followed my instructions and she had booked me and andy in for an 'indulgent' afternoon tea and The Leopold Hotel in Sheffield.
It was amazing and we drank sooooo much tea!!
This day has been one to remember, here's to another 40 years!
Thank you for all my birthday wishes. :0)

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