Monday, 21 September 2009

Another catch-up!

We had another wedding this weekend just gone and again it was lovely, it as actually the first time I had met the bride and groom but they were really nice, welcoming people, the groom is a friend of Andy's. They got married at the town hall and it was a quick but heartfelt ceremony, they had some pictures done at the fountains then we all met up later for the evening do. The kids had a great time.
Yesterday me and Matthew met up with my sister for a bike ride, we did a round trip to Meadowhall, 12.24 miles in total!!!! It was great fun and the weather was gorgeous, we came back via the canal which was so peacefull and made a change from all the cars wizzing passed! I am very proud of us all for doing it, we are getting a lot fitter! I do ache like a mo'fo today though!! lol

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  1. Pictures are lovely. Glad you had a good time x