Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Aspbergers Syndrome

This is a woman who has a group on Facebook and this is what she wrote as an introduction:

'My name is Natasha,and my gorgeous 9 year old son has Asperger's syndrome, An Autistic spectrum disorder. People with Asperger's lack basic social skills and are often detached from the world around them.They find it difficult to judge the world and the appropriate way to behave in social situations. They often struggle to maintain friendships and often feel isolated and confused. They are literal thinkers, so one has to be very careful wording things when talking to someone with AS.They often suffer meltdowns due to the anxiety of trying to fit in.They can seem insensitive and rude to people who have no understanding of this condition, although they don't mean to. They are just very honest and say what they see in the way that they see it.People with AS have described having Asperger's as a feeling they are aliens who have come to a world they know nothing about.They often misjudge or misread other peoples body language or facial expressions.I feel Asperger's is a misunderstood condition and more resources should be made available for its sufferers and their families.I also feel there is not enough awareness in schools and many children are undiagnosed and written off as disruptive, spoilt or a lost cause.I feel parents are faced with a daunting task when seeking diagnosis and then support that they need, it is never forthcoming it seems. AS EFFECTS THE WHOLE FAMILY. I feel the diagnostic criteria for Asperger's should be widened, as it is very rigid and in my research I have found no two Aspies to be the same. That said I feel after a child has been given a firm diagnosis of Asperger's they should be given an immediate statement of educational needs to then be tailored to that childs specific needs. It seems we battle to get these kids diagnosed and then battle to get them support after that fact, It took me over a year to get a statement for my son who was in a school that was completely unprepared to acknowledge his Asperger's and where he was extremely unhappy, only after removing him from that school and homeschooling whilst applying myself did we get anywhere. It was a battle that I feel we parents shouldnt have to fight alone without guidance or support,My little boy has many irrational phobias, o.c.d, mild Dyspraxia and an underdeveloped lower jaw, he is almost always in a state of high anxiety. He becomes fixated with various interests that take him over, he desperately wants to fit in and make friends but struggles to do so. He has very rigid moral beliefs that cannot be wavered and do not go down too well with peers!!People with AS usually have average to high I.Q's and that leaves them with the knowledge they are different from other people. Asperger's sufferers have the highest suicide rate as opposed to others with different forms of Autism, so life tools and support are vital.My son worries about everything and these worries often hinder his progress. One of the things I personally struggle with the most is other peoples opinions and misconceptions of him, A close friend of mine recently told me "he is just rude".I have had to learn to ignore those accusing stares in restaurants and supermarkets when he is in full melt down mode, I know I am a good parent, but it took a long time to realise that due to other peoples lack of understanding, this has often included friends and family members who felt he just needed a good smack!!my son is an exceptional bright and loving little boy, who is often let down by the system. I wouldn't change him for the world, IT IS NOT ALL DOOM AND GLOOM!!!! AS can be a heartbreaking condition at times but there is also the joy he brings into our lives, he is funny, brave, full of love and mine!!!I want to help raise awareness for these special people and make sure everyone involved with someone with Asperger's also feels supported.IVE FOUND IT CAN BE VERY ISOLATING BEING A PARENT OF AN AS CHILD, SO LETS SUPPORT EACH OTHER X'

I felt like I was reading about Matthew and how I feel, I thought I would send it to my friends and family so they could get a better understaning about Matthew and my life with him. I love him very much. .


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  1. All of the Autistic Spectrum Disorders are really interesting but there definitley isn't enough support for parents out there - its great that this lady has set up a group on Facebook :o)