Saturday, 28 February 2009

New hairdo!

I decided that it was time for a change with my hair and I went for a very drastic cut, apart from my neck feeling the draught I love it!!
It will take some getting used to but the good thing is that it will look ok curly as well.
Very happy, I wonder if cutting all that hair off will help with my weigh in this week! ROFL

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Weigh in and me.

This week I have been feeling very low and went VERY reluctantly to weigh in, the creme eggs have called me a lot this week. My routine has been all over the place and I have had to give myself a long hard look in the mirror.

I have been doing WW enough to know that I if I didnt face the scales tonight it would have been a slippery slope to being back to where I was and I give myself a little pat on the back that I got there.

Anyway, I had a good chat with my leader and am pleased to say that I lost half a pound! I also had an NSV of sorts, a woman came over to me to thank me for the tip of doing your points from 5pm to 5pm and she said that she just felt that she had been in more control and felt like she had lost weight, I waited nervously to see if she had and she had lost 3lbs!! I was so chuffed and it made me feel that maybe I am not a bad person after all.


Sunday, 22 February 2009

This week is nearly behind me............

and I got very low but I do seem to be coming through it. Had a couple of knocks to my confidence and I have been questioning a lot of things one being how people view me......Andy has made me feel better and even booked me in to have my hair done because he said I deserved a bit of pampering.

I have definately put weight on this week but I am not going to dwell on it and once I get weighed on Tuesday I am going to pick myself off and hold my head up and basically if people don't like me this way, tough shit!


Anyway, the hairdo I fancy getting is something like this one of Gwyneth Paltrow.

I get a more up to date do but keep some of the length (my comfort blanket! lol).

Nervous and excited all in one go.


Thursday, 19 February 2009

This week is not going well.

I am really struggling and I am two days into this week, I have just eaten anything I fancied, I am not sure why this has happened, I have been stuck in the house while the attic has been done and I can only put it down to boredom.

I feel so full and sluggish and crap. I do my points from 5pm to 5pm the next day and I have already used 6 points on mini sausage rolls. I am going to try and drink loads of water for the rest of the day and this week and eat some filling foods to help me stop eating the rubbish.

I am very angry with myself for doing it.

Aaaarrrggghhh!!! Bloody food!


Forgot to post.......

Lost half a pound this week, slow but sure!



Attic - Day 4 (Halfway)

So halfway done and I am very impressed, whoever originally did our attic did a real botch job so once this is done the attic is going to be amazing.

The rooms are going to be a brilliant size and hopefully if Andy (the builder) gets a decent price from his mate we can get it carpeted for cheap as well.

The builders are real grafters so if there is anyone in the Sheffeild/Barnsley/Doncaster area who needs work done then leave me your email in my comments and I will give you his mobile number and email.

I am soooo envious of the kids having the attic rooms!!!! :0(


Monday, 16 February 2009

Attic - day 1

The builders arrived at 8am and have not stopped, they have completely gutted the attic already, I am very impressed.

Downside.......... everywhere is really grubby to touch! lol


Saturday, 14 February 2009

The attic conversion......Stage 1

So, we are having the loft split into 2 bedrooms and the work starts Monday. We had slowly but surely been emptying rubbish, kids stuff etc over last few weeks. Anyway, we finally decided to look behind the crawl space, we couldnt believe our eyes, it was full of so much stuff that we didn't know was there! We had to find the money for a skip which arrived at 7.30am this morning!!!!!

There was some interesting stuff in there including all my work from infant/junior school and some old childrens books that meant a lot to me and some very dodgy photos! Fashion in the 80's was not kind! lol We also found a Sinclair ZX spectrum and some old pictures.

All the rubbish is now out and we have just got the beds, desk and tv stuff to move now.

I am finally excited!!!

I will post before and after pictures on here over the weekend.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Very dodgy weigh in.

Had a good week weight watchers wise so was looking forward to weigh in today. I had to go to a different weigh in to my normal one.

So this lunchtime I rushed to the nearest one to me and after doing my usual ritual of taking off as much as I could I got in line. The leader asked the first lady to step on which she did and the scales tipped over and she fell off! The leader didn't even seem too worried and the poor lady tried again, she managed to balance on the scales to get her weight recorded, the next lady then stepped on and again toppled off, I looked underneath and noticed the scales was minus a foot. I told the leader so she got her bag and routed around until she found it. She attached the foot and then proceeded to wobble it around, adjust the foot and move it around the floor until she was happy it was steady!!!!!

Surely this can't mean that the scales would have given an accurate reading? I was suprised that I hadnt had a loss as my scales were showing a 2lb loss, I showed a sts which I have still taken but I was weirdly unnerved by what had happened, I know anyone reading this will probably think that I sound a bit obssessed but it doesnt seem right to me. The other women in the queue seemed to feel the same.

Anyway, hopefully my hard work will show next week when I get to my usual weigh in.


Sunday, 8 February 2009


I am so F**king hungry!!!!

I want pizza, chips, garlic mayo, a kebab, chinese and a Mcdonalds to finish!!!!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Had a major cooking session last night!

I decided in the day yesterday that I was going to try some recipes on the WW site, I had bought some ready made puff pastry and filo pastry and wanted to use it. I wrote out a shopping list and after work went to get all the ingrediants. It was fun buying things I wouldnt normally get.

Anyway, I got the kids to bed and roped Andy in to be my 'commis chef'! lol We made classic quiche (3.5 points per quarter), Mushroom pasties (1.5 points each), vegetable pasties (1.5 points each), Homemade Sausage Rolls (3 points each) and the filling for a Steak and mushroom pie (7 points for a 6th) which we are having for Sunday dinner tomorrow. It was really good fun and we had saved points so we could try them without going over.

I am going to do some more tomorrow, on the list is chicken and Vegetable pie (2.5 points per quarter), camaralised red onion and Goats cheese tartlets (1 point each), mushroom and thyme Quiche (2.5 points per per quarter) and Spinach and cheese triangles (1 point each).

So far they have been really yummy and Andy even said that the sausage rolls where better than Greggs!!!! lol He may have exagerated a little but they were very delish even if I do say so myself! lol

I feel inspired to do more and it makes me feel more like I am just enjoying food instead of dieting.


Thursday, 5 February 2009

OK, I officially am over the snow!

Had a very stressfull morning sorting out kids, school and thinking my eldest was stranded at his school with no transport to get him home!!

I am no longer a fan of this snow and want it gone, I am aware I sound 'Bah humbug' but it is disrupting everything including my eating habits!

I hate the fact that tomorrow morning will be the same all over again, listening to the radio and checking websites to see what is happening is doing my head in. I am fed up of being cold and wet and taking forever to get warm. I am annoyed that when I do next get into work there will be a moutain of work to do and my work colleagues have had to cover for me and finally it has cocked up my social life as I doubt whether I will get out tomorrow night if it stays like this!!!!

RANT OVER, I am off to get a cuppa and some crumpets!!!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Another 1lb gone!

I feel totally in control this year, of my weight anyway, and i am so pleased with another 1lb gone!

I seem to have got passed my plateau thank goodness!


Snow Day!

Both the kids schools were closed today so I did end up being off.

Did some work this morning then we went out to build a snowman, we didnt get them finished as we ended up having a snow ball fight! Certainly puts colour in your cheeks!

Weightwatchers meeting has been cancelled tonight so I am going to get weighed on my home scales tonight at the same time I normally get weighed to keep me on track, my home scales weigh half a pound less than my meeting ones so I will take that into account.

I will post my result later on.

Oh well, back to do some more work now the kids are on the settee all warm with a hot chocolate and cartoons on the TV.


Monday, 2 February 2009

Urban Legend revealed!!!

The 8th dwarf has been spotted on Queen Street Sheffield!!!!

lol, nice one David!


Snow, snow everywhere!

I actually enjoyed walking Lolly to school this morning, the snow looked all clean and made that great 'scrunching' noise when you walked on it!

Got to work ok but by lunchtime had to sort out getting Matt and Lolly home and safe as their schools decided to close! Fortunately I have friends and a good boss and I managed to sort them out. Before I went I took 2 pictures of the view outside my office window, it looked lovely, I am very lucky to have a nice little garden area to look out onto!
Don't think I will be able to go into work tomorrow but I can remotely dial in so can still get some work done!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Great weekend.

This is a picture from Friday night, it is me (on the left) with 4 of my chums that I call my school mum chums and my daughter Lolly!

We had thrown a leaving party for our friend Alex (far right) and her boys as they are leaving us on the 14th February to live in Scotland, it was a brilliant night and we raised £400 for her to take the boys out for a brilliant day to somewhere like lego land before they went. (They lost their Dad on NYE).

I had a few pints and a small plate full of party food but I danced with my kids and friends for over 4 hours so I reckon I havent done any damage!

I got loads of compliments too which made me feel great, a few people even did double takes cos they didn't recognise me from the school yard, I enjoyed the whole evening.

All 3 of my kids love dancing but the youngest 2 have been having lessons and I managed to get them on my camera phone doing a routine to Flo-rida, genius! lol

The rest of my weekend was very relaxing as I am still feeling rough and Friday took it out of me but I had fun and that is the main thing.