Sunday, 1 February 2009

Great weekend.

This is a picture from Friday night, it is me (on the left) with 4 of my chums that I call my school mum chums and my daughter Lolly!

We had thrown a leaving party for our friend Alex (far right) and her boys as they are leaving us on the 14th February to live in Scotland, it was a brilliant night and we raised £400 for her to take the boys out for a brilliant day to somewhere like lego land before they went. (They lost their Dad on NYE).

I had a few pints and a small plate full of party food but I danced with my kids and friends for over 4 hours so I reckon I havent done any damage!

I got loads of compliments too which made me feel great, a few people even did double takes cos they didn't recognise me from the school yard, I enjoyed the whole evening.

All 3 of my kids love dancing but the youngest 2 have been having lessons and I managed to get them on my camera phone doing a routine to Flo-rida, genius! lol

The rest of my weekend was very relaxing as I am still feeling rough and Friday took it out of me but I had fun and that is the main thing.


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