Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Weigh in and me.

This week I have been feeling very low and went VERY reluctantly to weigh in, the creme eggs have called me a lot this week. My routine has been all over the place and I have had to give myself a long hard look in the mirror.

I have been doing WW enough to know that I if I didnt face the scales tonight it would have been a slippery slope to being back to where I was and I give myself a little pat on the back that I got there.

Anyway, I had a good chat with my leader and am pleased to say that I lost half a pound! I also had an NSV of sorts, a woman came over to me to thank me for the tip of doing your points from 5pm to 5pm and she said that she just felt that she had been in more control and felt like she had lost weight, I waited nervously to see if she had and she had lost 3lbs!! I was so chuffed and it made me feel that maybe I am not a bad person after all.


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  1. Well done on going to WI even though you didn't feel like it! you have inspired me!! I've had a bad week and I am a total of 29 points over for the week so was tempted not to WI, BUT.... if you can do it so can I so... I will go!! Good luck for next week!!!