Thursday, 5 February 2009

OK, I officially am over the snow!

Had a very stressfull morning sorting out kids, school and thinking my eldest was stranded at his school with no transport to get him home!!

I am no longer a fan of this snow and want it gone, I am aware I sound 'Bah humbug' but it is disrupting everything including my eating habits!

I hate the fact that tomorrow morning will be the same all over again, listening to the radio and checking websites to see what is happening is doing my head in. I am fed up of being cold and wet and taking forever to get warm. I am annoyed that when I do next get into work there will be a moutain of work to do and my work colleagues have had to cover for me and finally it has cocked up my social life as I doubt whether I will get out tomorrow night if it stays like this!!!!

RANT OVER, I am off to get a cuppa and some crumpets!!!


  1. Oooh, glad i'm not the only one wanting the snow to BE GONE!!

  2. mmm tea and crumpets
    is there anything more delish when its cold ?