Saturday, 14 February 2009

The attic conversion......Stage 1

So, we are having the loft split into 2 bedrooms and the work starts Monday. We had slowly but surely been emptying rubbish, kids stuff etc over last few weeks. Anyway, we finally decided to look behind the crawl space, we couldnt believe our eyes, it was full of so much stuff that we didn't know was there! We had to find the money for a skip which arrived at 7.30am this morning!!!!!

There was some interesting stuff in there including all my work from infant/junior school and some old childrens books that meant a lot to me and some very dodgy photos! Fashion in the 80's was not kind! lol We also found a Sinclair ZX spectrum and some old pictures.

All the rubbish is now out and we have just got the beds, desk and tv stuff to move now.

I am finally excited!!!

I will post before and after pictures on here over the weekend.

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