Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Very dodgy weigh in.

Had a good week weight watchers wise so was looking forward to weigh in today. I had to go to a different weigh in to my normal one.

So this lunchtime I rushed to the nearest one to me and after doing my usual ritual of taking off as much as I could I got in line. The leader asked the first lady to step on which she did and the scales tipped over and she fell off! The leader didn't even seem too worried and the poor lady tried again, she managed to balance on the scales to get her weight recorded, the next lady then stepped on and again toppled off, I looked underneath and noticed the scales was minus a foot. I told the leader so she got her bag and routed around until she found it. She attached the foot and then proceeded to wobble it around, adjust the foot and move it around the floor until she was happy it was steady!!!!!

Surely this can't mean that the scales would have given an accurate reading? I was suprised that I hadnt had a loss as my scales were showing a 2lb loss, I showed a sts which I have still taken but I was weirdly unnerved by what had happened, I know anyone reading this will probably think that I sound a bit obssessed but it doesnt seem right to me. The other women in the queue seemed to feel the same.

Anyway, hopefully my hard work will show next week when I get to my usual weigh in.



  1. From what I've read on other blogs and on the WW 5+ forum, it's never a good idea to go to another meeting to get weighed, as the scales are always different...

    I wouldn't pay too much attention to the result, and hopefully next week on your "regular" scales you"ll have a great loss to celebrate!

  2. aww never mind hun it will mean an extra nice surprise when you get weighed at ur usual meeting! xx

  3. THat's bad that she never noticed, and bad that no-one else said anything! As the others have said don't be too disheartened My leader has two sets of scales and i always seem to get a better loss on one than the other! Look forward to a big loss next week instead!