Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Oh I do love my shiny sevens!

Had a good result at weigh in last night, lost another 1.5lbs which got me my next silver 7! I am really pleased as I have been on a plateau for ages.
It is weird though how much those little stickers mean to us, I love getting mine and I have decided any I get from now on will be on the front of my new green folder for everyone to see. lol

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sunday night again!!!

I can't believe I am sat here doing a quick update on my blog before bed and work again tomorrow!!!!

Just finished watching first 2 episodes of the new series of Supernatural and it was bloody brilliant, it has amazing effects, dry humour and is a good ole romp. I am glad it is back on.

This coming week is very mixed for me, I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday which may result in me feeling ropey so may miss weigh in which I don't really want as I have had another good week, my daughter has her last (hopefully) eye test at the childrens hospital and my son has a doctors appointment for his ear as it is really blocked up! A lot of running around.

On Friday my friends have organised a going away party for our friend and her kids as they are leaving to start a new life up in Scotland (this is the friend who lost her ex partner on NYE), she has had it really rough since NYE and has had other bad news on top of going through that, this will be a lovely send off for her and the boys who deserve to go with happy memories.

I feel a bit fed up but not major, I think I just have loads of things on my mind which once they have passed I will feel better.

I will not let all the shitty stuff that is happening to me and mine affect me and I am determined to stay positive, so there!!!! lol


Saturday, 24 January 2009

My thoughts.

Really pleased with myself last night, the meal was yummy and tasted all the better for the fact that I had counted and planned round it. Today has been really easy knowing that I was having a light lunch but my points started again from 5pm.

I let myself down today because I had a chance to go swimming this morning and I chose to sleep, I did need it but even so I am regreting it. To turn it around if the weather is dry tomorrow I will be dragging the family out for a walk.

I am sat watching the Biggest Loser finale and I am totally amazed with the results of the contestants, they have lost so much and look amazing! It is truly inspiring to see these people change their lives around.

Right that's it, I am turning off my laptop and getting on the Wii and doing do some boxing to end the day!!!!


Friday, 23 January 2009

Out for tea tonight.

I have planned this to death! I asked my friend what we would be having so I could point as much as I could, then I planned the rest of my day to use a few points as possible and I have also managed to save 7 points for 'just in case' moments! I am really pleased with myself!!!

This is the first time that I have relly felt in control before an evening out, it feels wonderful!

I just hope I can keep this up! lol

Good luck for the weekend everyone!


Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Oh so close..................

lost 2.5lbs this week!!!!!! Woohoo

IF I had lost 3 I would have got my next silver 7 so a small disappointment on that one but apart from that I am so pleased!!!!

I am feeling more and more positive each day and I already looking forward to my weigh in again next week, how sad am I?!?!? lol


Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Little bit about my family..........

I have been with my partner Andy for coming up to 4 years (thats the one in the middle messing around with a fake tache and shoes) and love him very much.

We have 3 children between us, the eldest is Matthew (11) (who is mine from a previous marriage) then there is Will (8) (Andy's son from previous relationship) and last but definately not least is Lauren (7) or Lolly as we call her (mine again).

As a family we love spending time together and at the moment our latest obsession is playing on the Wii with Lolly being the most competitive! lol WE have our ups and downs but we are very close and love each other very much.

I am proud of all my kids for the fact that they are all such individual characters and are not afraid to embrace their individuality. Don't get me wrong they can wind me up like the best of them but I am sure I was exactly the same when I was their age.

They all have keen interests from working at a city farm to dancing and singing to drama.... the list is endless, Andy and I have always encouraged them to at least try something once.

Now what can I say about Andy? Mmmmm that is a toughie, he is a kind man but teases me mercilessly, he has a good sense of humour if slightly warped, he is a gorgeous/sexy man but he doesn't think so, he shares the same interests as me but also loves things that I absolutely hate (George and Mildred, On the Buses to name a couple!!) but I know that I love him because of all these things and more.

Iam going to stop being slushy because it makes me uncomfortable let alone anyone reading this! lol

Hopefully this gives a bit of insight into my life as a taster.

This is the main reason for me to lose my weight, my family.


Looking forward to my weigh in tonight!

I have had a great week WW wise, I have found it VERY easy doing my points a new way and will continue on this track.

Of course I will still be nervous when I get there but I just FEEL like I have lost so I am more looking forward to it than not.

There have been some brilliant losses on the WW community board this week so well done to all of those and good luck to those yet to weigh in.


Monday, 19 January 2009

My weekend..........

Friday night didn't do much apart from attempt a 10 minute workout, it was Claire's Sweeney's DVD and I was knackered after, the women on the DVD hardly broke a sweat, but at least I did it. I also did some boxing on the Wii to try and help get rid of my bingo wings!

On Saturday I took the kids to see a panto, Snow white, which was actually better than I thought it was going to be but that was because one of the characters was a very camp jester called Muddles who quite frankly saved the show!

On Sunday, we walked up to Heeley City Farm and took my eldest lad his lunch, he is 11 and works there voluntarily, and we all went for a walk in the park near by. It was very windy but sunny and we all felt great for getting some fresh air.

The rest of the weekend was filled with the usual stuff, getting school uniforms ready, making pack up etc. and once the kids were in bed played on the Wii sports with Andy.

I have stuck to my points and have found it so much easier doing it 5pm to 5pm so here is to a good weight loss tomorrow night, I am really pleased with the excersise I have done even though by some people's standards it wasn't a huge amount it was more than I would have done before so it should all help.

I think Andy is nw back in the zone and he is also planning more excersise into his life by startig to do some jogging in the evening, not much to start with but building it up as he gets fitter. This year for me is definately all about the excersise for me and my family.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Sad day today..........

One of my friends is burying her ex partner today, he died on NYE in a car accident, he is leaving behind 3 beautiful boys who my heart goes out to. It is things like this that really make you stop in your tracks and asses what is really important in life.

It has been a very gloomy start to the New Year for most people I know so hopefully things can only get better.


So far so good.

So this week I am doing my 5pm to 5pm trial and so far it is going really well, I feel so much more in control doing my points this way. The weekend will be a test I am sure but I feel like I am totally in the zone so fingers crossed.

Going to attempt the Claire Sweeny DVD tonight, watched it through and it looks like good fun, I am actually looking forward to trying it.


Thursday, 15 January 2009

This blogging mallarky..........

I am still new to all this and I have been on the WW Blog roll so that I could add myself as a follower (and also get more followers on mine) to the blogs on there and when I click on the website it shows me the followers but there isn't the link that says follow this blog.

That doesn't even make sense!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to ask maybe Paul or Bryher me thinks but if anyone reading this can help please leave a comment.



I saw this on someone elses blog (sorry for copying!) and couldn't resist having a go, you send a full length photo of yourself and they make you 50lbs lighter! lol

It certainly gives you motivation!


Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Last night's weigh in was not pleasing, I put on half a pound, I had a good week pointing so I can only assume it was just one of those weird weeks when you put on for no reason. I am not getting down about it because I do believe our mood can affect our weight loss.

This week I am going to try something different, my sister did this last week and had a 3lb loss. I always struggle in the evenings and can easily go over my points if I am not careful so I am going to start my points allocation from 5pm to 5pm the next day, that way if I want a snack in the evening I won't be going over my points which means I won't feel bad (positive vibes) and at the end of the evening I plan my breakfast and lunch with the points I have left. I find it much easier to stick to my points through the day so I definately think this is worth a try.

I am also going to try and up my excersise this week, unfortunately post Christmas funds are a bit low so won't be able to buy the Wii fit yet but my sis is lending me her Claire Sweeney fitness DVD so I can at least start something. This morning I even did some excersises watching My Motivator on GMTV! lol It all helps.

Here's to another good week and a good loss on Tuesday!


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

1pm - Snack time!!

Well I made it to 1pm without eating anything, I have drunk a pint of water and I have also helped to carry out and double bag 27 bin liners full of rubbish outside ready for collection so I must have earned at least a whole bonus point!! lol

I am going to have a WW Blueberry bar with a black tea. I won't have much to eat and drink after half 2 ready for the weigh in tonight.

I am a plateau at the moment which is doing my head in as I am nearly into a size 16 trousers which I could really doing with getting into for work, I reckon that if I get another 7lbs off then will fit lovely.

I hate having to do the 'Getting on Tight Trousers/Jeans Workout'.

Step one - Warm up - Pull on your jeans as high as you can get them then lay down to get them that little bit higher.

Step two - The workout - Tightly hold the top of your jeans and proceed to do a jump kick alternating each leg while pulling in an upward motion on the jeans. Do this until you are satisfied your jeans are budging no more.

Step three - The Cool down - Lay back down on your bed and hold your tummy in while fastening your zip and /or buttons.

The next workout is the 'Getting up off the Floor after you have got your Tight Jeans On'!

Off for my cuppa.


How do I feel today?

Not really sure to be honest.....

I feel really bloated and tender which is making me feel drained and all I really want to do is sleep.

I had eaten my lunch by 11am and I still feel hungry, saying that, I ALWAYS feel more hungry on weigh in days! lol I am trying to keep busy with work and also typing on here in my lunch break but I am thinking about food constantly, most of the time the food is dancing around and teasing me, does that make me weird????

Fortunately I have my little drawer of goodies where nothing in there has a higher point value than 1.5! I will drink loads of water (the many trips to the loo will kill some time) and try not to have a snack until about 1pm which should get me through the afternoon.

Better get on and do some more work.


Monday, 12 January 2009

Sneaky Peeks...............

Had a great last day with weigh in tomorrow, had a sneaky peek and it says I have put on 4lbs!! I know this can't be right but even so it would be a blow, I do like to SP and it does motivate me to be honest and it keeps me on track in the week.

I did have to take some medicine this weekend which has made me feel quite ill and I do feel extremely bloated this evening so tomorrow will be a water filled day with numerous trips to the loo and eating filling light foods before weigh in tomorrow.

Fingers crossed that my positive attitude sends the message to my body! lol


Stage one complete........

This weekend was spent up in the attic sorting everything out, we managed to clear out 7 black bin liners full of rubbish, 2 large boxes and 3 bin liners of toys and books which we dumped...I mean have given to friends for their kids and burnt a massive pile of other stuff as well. The rest we have put into plastic boxes to go into the cellar when the time comes. The room looks soooo much bigger now!

One nice part was looking at all the 'keepsake' stuff that we had put up there, we had awards, certificates, paintings, first shoes, cards from when the kids were born, christening gifts.........and the most lovely to look at were pictures of the kids looking so young!
I have 3 kids, Matthew (11), Lauren (Lolly) 7 and Will (8) who is my partners son but I look on as my own. The reason we are having the attic done is because the youngest 2 have been quite happily sharing but now need seperate rooms so the attic is being split in 2.
Next weekend (Stage 2) is going into the crawl space at one end of the attic to get out all the rubbish there, I am not looking forward to this as I am very much a girly girl and don't like mucky places that contain creepy crawlies! I have no idea what is stored behind there so Andy will be doing most of the emptying, I will help sort it after it has been de-bugged! lol
As for WW this week, I went over a couple of points on Thursday jsut gone but have been good since then so fingers crossed for my weigh in tomorrow night.
Good luck this week to aa you WW-ers.

Yummy Soup - tried and tested

YUMMY and the kids loved it too.

POINTS® Value: 1Servings: 4Preparation Time: 10 minCooking Time: 40 minLevel of Difficulty: Easy

Enjoy this warming soup that can be 'dressed' up with shreds of cabbage, lean ham or even sliced mushrooms.
1/2 medium onion(s)
5 spray low-fat cooking spray
300 g potato(es)
2 clove garlic
1000 ml fresh stock
1 pinch salt
80 g cabbage
Put the onion into a medium saucepan sprayed with low fat cooking spray and heat until sizzling. Cover and turn the heat down and cook for 5 minutes until softened. Then stir in the potato, garlic and stock.
Bring to the boil, season to taste then simmer gently , uncovered, for 20-25 minutes until the potato is tender and starts to break up. The soup can be cooled and chilled ahead at this stage. It can also be blended until smooth in a liquidiser if you want a creamy texture. Otherwise leave it chunky.
To serve, return to a gentle boil, add the cabbage and cook for a further 3-5 minutes. Serve hot.
Cook's tip: You can add 100g of sliced mushrooms or 75g chopped ham instead of the cabbage.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Only half a pound on.....................

How pleased am I? VERY!

That is nothing for 2 weeks without having a weigh in I am so proud of myself. I am extremely motivated now and the last couple of days since my weigh in I have done really well, I feel a halo polish coming on! lol

So, Paul McKenna, watched a bit of this last night and a few questions jumped in my head.....

1. What has happened to his accent?
2. How can he get away with being that patronising?
3. Does this work?

OK I sat there last night and thought I would give it a try, the excersise he was doing was to get us to move more, I sat pressing my middle finger and thumb together while thinking of a time where I was really happy and a time when I was really motivated, along with this we had to keep telling ourselves to look at life with bolder colours, happiness and motivation. I did all this feeling a bit daft and then thought nothing off it. This morning I took my daughter to school and went to the bus stop outside of her school but instead of waiting for my normal bus I decided to walk down a steep hill to another main road for another bus, I felt really good and energetic when I had done it and it wasn't until I was sat on the bus did I question my actions.

So I ask myself, was this a result of Paul McKenna's voodoo or did it just motivate me into walking a few more steps? Who knows, what I do know is that I felt happy with myself when I had done it so whatever the reason it is all good.........


Tuesday, 6 January 2009

This is my 'Use it or lose it' year!

This means exactly what it sounds like, I am going to apply this statement to everything from my clothes, things in the house, work................absolutely everything and I mean EVERYTHING he he.

My lovely chap has already got a head start over me and he has gone through all his clothes and been brutal with what he is keeping, I am definately going to follow suit and the first things to go will be all the clothes that are now too big for me so I don't have an 'excuse' to get big again!

Is it wrong that I actually get a buzz out of being organised and efficient? I am a Virgo though which explains some of it!


Weirdly looking forward to.......

my first 2009 weigh in! Does that make me weird???

I just want to get it over with so I can get on with losing loads of weight this year.

I don't think I have done bad at all over Xmas and NY but whatever the outcome I will take on board and move on. I had a lovely time over the festive period so I won't grumble.

Will let you know how I get on.


Monday, 5 January 2009

Halfway picture

This is a halfway picture of me, I am 14st 13lbs in this picture.
I need to start taking more full length pictures so I can see the difference as well.

5th of January already!?!?!?

Bloody hell, seems this year is going to be as fast and disorganised as last year!

I have already got appointments filling up for January what with kids eyes, teeth, school etc......

It would be nice if this year was at a more leisurely pace so I can take a breath every now and then.

Got Doctors this week to get some test results back which I am nervous about but I am hoping will give us some answers so I can get better.

My kids are back at school tomorrow and I have to say I think they are looking forward to getting back into a routine like the rest of us.

Got my first weigh in tomorrow night since before Xmas, I don't think I have done any damage but those scales can be cruel so we will have to see, I will post tomorrow when I have been.

That's all for now.


Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year - a day late.........

Well that is Christmas and New Year over with! Phew, I am exhausted!!

I can't wait to get back into the routine that I was moaning about just before Xmas, we are never happy are we??? lol

Last year went by so fast that I felt like all I did was blink and it was over. This year I am going to try and be more organised and make sure that I don't neglect any friends and family along the way. I also need to make sure that I take some time to look after me as I ended last year being ill and not knowing why (awaiting results for that) so this is the year for me, I am going to be 40 in September and my friend is getting married the same weekend, my aim is to be in size 14 clothes by then so I can wow everyone in a lovely outfit.

The first thing happening this year is converting my attic into 2 bedrooms, the thought of the mess this will create makes me feel sick but it will be worth it in the end I am sure. It is scheduled to start on the 14th February so between now and then it is major spring clean time with all the stuff up there, we are going to have to be really ruthless and keep sentiment out of it.

Plus side, think of all the bonus points lugging stuff down the attic stairs right down to the cellar......silver lining and all that!

Anyway, off to sort out all the kids clothes ready for 2009.

Good luck to all you WW out there.