Thursday, 15 January 2009

This blogging mallarky..........

I am still new to all this and I have been on the WW Blog roll so that I could add myself as a follower (and also get more followers on mine) to the blogs on there and when I click on the website it shows me the followers but there isn't the link that says follow this blog.

That doesn't even make sense!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to ask maybe Paul or Bryher me thinks but if anyone reading this can help please leave a comment.




  1. You need to go on each person's blog and click "follow this blog". Most people have activated this on their page.

    I sometimes can't see the link, but if I go to a particular post (click on the post title to do this), then the link appears.

    Good luck!

  2. Erm, not sure! If you copy the link of the site you want to follow you can then go to your dashboard on blogspot and select "add subscription". Try that, email me if you still have problems

    To follow the blogs on the blog roll you'll have to go to each one separately - no way to do the lot at once, sorry!

  3. Thanks will have a go tonight.