Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sunday night again!!!

I can't believe I am sat here doing a quick update on my blog before bed and work again tomorrow!!!!

Just finished watching first 2 episodes of the new series of Supernatural and it was bloody brilliant, it has amazing effects, dry humour and is a good ole romp. I am glad it is back on.

This coming week is very mixed for me, I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday which may result in me feeling ropey so may miss weigh in which I don't really want as I have had another good week, my daughter has her last (hopefully) eye test at the childrens hospital and my son has a doctors appointment for his ear as it is really blocked up! A lot of running around.

On Friday my friends have organised a going away party for our friend and her kids as they are leaving to start a new life up in Scotland (this is the friend who lost her ex partner on NYE), she has had it really rough since NYE and has had other bad news on top of going through that, this will be a lovely send off for her and the boys who deserve to go with happy memories.

I feel a bit fed up but not major, I think I just have loads of things on my mind which once they have passed I will feel better.

I will not let all the shitty stuff that is happening to me and mine affect me and I am determined to stay positive, so there!!!! lol



  1. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)
    makes the world go around :)

    ps - Send me a "Day 4 Tracker"
    see my blog for details :)