Friday, 9 January 2009

Only half a pound on.....................

How pleased am I? VERY!

That is nothing for 2 weeks without having a weigh in I am so proud of myself. I am extremely motivated now and the last couple of days since my weigh in I have done really well, I feel a halo polish coming on! lol

So, Paul McKenna, watched a bit of this last night and a few questions jumped in my head.....

1. What has happened to his accent?
2. How can he get away with being that patronising?
3. Does this work?

OK I sat there last night and thought I would give it a try, the excersise he was doing was to get us to move more, I sat pressing my middle finger and thumb together while thinking of a time where I was really happy and a time when I was really motivated, along with this we had to keep telling ourselves to look at life with bolder colours, happiness and motivation. I did all this feeling a bit daft and then thought nothing off it. This morning I took my daughter to school and went to the bus stop outside of her school but instead of waiting for my normal bus I decided to walk down a steep hill to another main road for another bus, I felt really good and energetic when I had done it and it wasn't until I was sat on the bus did I question my actions.

So I ask myself, was this a result of Paul McKenna's voodoo or did it just motivate me into walking a few more steps? Who knows, what I do know is that I felt happy with myself when I had done it so whatever the reason it is all good.........



  1. Spooky!
    Although I do believe in positive affirmations... I think we get a lot more done when we're in a positive state of mind.

    Well done on making the effort to walk and good luck with getting back on track after xmas!


  2. Hello, Fantastic on just half a pound with the whole christmas and new year excesses (if yours were anything like mine). Fantastic on the extra steps, have tried Paul mc before and had a big question mark on my fridge, it did not work for me, but my cousin lost 3 stone so perhaps I just dont get the whole positive mindset thing.

    great blog by the way, really have enjoyed reading it.