Saturday, 24 January 2009

My thoughts.

Really pleased with myself last night, the meal was yummy and tasted all the better for the fact that I had counted and planned round it. Today has been really easy knowing that I was having a light lunch but my points started again from 5pm.

I let myself down today because I had a chance to go swimming this morning and I chose to sleep, I did need it but even so I am regreting it. To turn it around if the weather is dry tomorrow I will be dragging the family out for a walk.

I am sat watching the Biggest Loser finale and I am totally amazed with the results of the contestants, they have lost so much and look amazing! It is truly inspiring to see these people change their lives around.

Right that's it, I am turning off my laptop and getting on the Wii and doing do some boxing to end the day!!!!



  1. Hope you had a nice Wii workout last night :)
    I also just wanted to say well done on your loss so far!! That tracker is impressive! You should be really of yourself :)
    I love the profile pic of you, and you look like another person compared to your "before" pics... so much younger!
    Have a lovely Sunday and good luck for next week xxx

  2. Thanks for all your lovely compliments Sara, it has helped me feel better.:0)