Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Last night's weigh in was not pleasing, I put on half a pound, I had a good week pointing so I can only assume it was just one of those weird weeks when you put on for no reason. I am not getting down about it because I do believe our mood can affect our weight loss.

This week I am going to try something different, my sister did this last week and had a 3lb loss. I always struggle in the evenings and can easily go over my points if I am not careful so I am going to start my points allocation from 5pm to 5pm the next day, that way if I want a snack in the evening I won't be going over my points which means I won't feel bad (positive vibes) and at the end of the evening I plan my breakfast and lunch with the points I have left. I find it much easier to stick to my points through the day so I definately think this is worth a try.

I am also going to try and up my excersise this week, unfortunately post Christmas funds are a bit low so won't be able to buy the Wii fit yet but my sis is lending me her Claire Sweeney fitness DVD so I can at least start something. This morning I even did some excersises watching My Motivator on GMTV! lol It all helps.

Here's to another good week and a good loss on Tuesday!


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