Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Oh so close..................

lost 2.5lbs this week!!!!!! Woohoo

IF I had lost 3 I would have got my next silver 7 so a small disappointment on that one but apart from that I am so pleased!!!!

I am feeling more and more positive each day and I already looking forward to my weigh in again next week, how sad am I?!?!? lol



  1. Well done you!!! Thats a fab loss. Silver seven next week then hey?!?!?

  2. well done.. Is it not funny hopw we crave thse little shinies! lol

  3. Great going!! And well done on your loss so far! That tracker looks good :)
    I don't think it's sad to look forward to weigh in, I do too... it's always nice to be rewarded for our efforts, and seeing the scales go down is a great reward.