Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Little bit about my family..........

I have been with my partner Andy for coming up to 4 years (thats the one in the middle messing around with a fake tache and shoes) and love him very much.

We have 3 children between us, the eldest is Matthew (11) (who is mine from a previous marriage) then there is Will (8) (Andy's son from previous relationship) and last but definately not least is Lauren (7) or Lolly as we call her (mine again).

As a family we love spending time together and at the moment our latest obsession is playing on the Wii with Lolly being the most competitive! lol WE have our ups and downs but we are very close and love each other very much.

I am proud of all my kids for the fact that they are all such individual characters and are not afraid to embrace their individuality. Don't get me wrong they can wind me up like the best of them but I am sure I was exactly the same when I was their age.

They all have keen interests from working at a city farm to dancing and singing to drama.... the list is endless, Andy and I have always encouraged them to at least try something once.

Now what can I say about Andy? Mmmmm that is a toughie, he is a kind man but teases me mercilessly, he has a good sense of humour if slightly warped, he is a gorgeous/sexy man but he doesn't think so, he shares the same interests as me but also loves things that I absolutely hate (George and Mildred, On the Buses to name a couple!!) but I know that I love him because of all these things and more.

Iam going to stop being slushy because it makes me uncomfortable let alone anyone reading this! lol

Hopefully this gives a bit of insight into my life as a taster.

This is the main reason for me to lose my weight, my family.


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