Tuesday, 13 January 2009

1pm - Snack time!!

Well I made it to 1pm without eating anything, I have drunk a pint of water and I have also helped to carry out and double bag 27 bin liners full of rubbish outside ready for collection so I must have earned at least a whole bonus point!! lol

I am going to have a WW Blueberry bar with a black tea. I won't have much to eat and drink after half 2 ready for the weigh in tonight.

I am a plateau at the moment which is doing my head in as I am nearly into a size 16 trousers which I could really doing with getting into for work, I reckon that if I get another 7lbs off then will fit lovely.

I hate having to do the 'Getting on Tight Trousers/Jeans Workout'.

Step one - Warm up - Pull on your jeans as high as you can get them then lay down to get them that little bit higher.

Step two - The workout - Tightly hold the top of your jeans and proceed to do a jump kick alternating each leg while pulling in an upward motion on the jeans. Do this until you are satisfied your jeans are budging no more.

Step three - The Cool down - Lay back down on your bed and hold your tummy in while fastening your zip and /or buttons.

The next workout is the 'Getting up off the Floor after you have got your Tight Jeans On'!

Off for my cuppa.


1 comment:

  1. You will go through those jeans like a hot knife through butter before you know it :)