Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Oh my goodness...................

Many, many, many, many apologies people.

I wandered away from blogging and WW for a while due to many things happening, some good, some bad and some decidedly awful but I neither have the energy or inclination to write it all down.......

So, thankfully I haven't piled on too much weight even though many temptations and situations have pushed me very close to just giving up and bingeing. I got weighed last night and I am taking one day at a far? everything pointed and on tracker.

Thought you might like to see this pic, my friends hubby did it for me, it is my before pic and an up to date pic so I can see how different I look. I was well chuffed I dont mind admitting!!! lol

I have still got 3 stone to go but I am going to get everything back in WW-ers gear and get that weight gone.

It's good to be back!! :0)



  1. It's good to read an update from you! I hope the bad and awful things have all gone away by now, and you can enjoy the good ones.
    That pic is amazing, you are a totally different person and the "new" you is stunning!
    Way to go :)

  2. Welcome back :o)

  3. Thanks guys, I really need to keep going with m,y blog and this diet, one slip will not stop me!!

  4. Good to have you back again :O) x