Friday, 16 April 2010


I went Roller skating for my son's 13th birthday!

I was really nervous about going as I am really clumsy and can fall over without any help at the best of times. It was actually really good fun and by the end of the 2 hours I was going round without clinging on for dear life! Even though I wasnt going fast I got quite sweaty and my legs ache this morning so I had a nice little workout without realising it! I wonder how many points that would earn?

I am even considering taking the kids once a month.......

Hopefully the achey legs will go before tomorrow!

My son had a great birthday, I can't believe I am actually Mum to a teenager! EEEEK!



  1. Bugger! I just lost my comment - here goes again! All I said was that the best kind of workout is one where it's so much fun you don't realise you're having one. Go regularly and you'll have fabulously toned legs. :o)

  2. We are thinking about making this a regular thing, I enjoyed it more than I thought.