Sunday, 7 March 2010

Another weekend gone.................

and it has been lovely.

Friday night went over to a friends house to celebrate her birthday (and used some of my bonus points there!) which was a fun chatty evening, then Saturday had an extremely lazy day with my son Matt where we laid on the settee and watched films then today I went to see the new Sandra Bullock film The Blindside (free preview tickets) with my sis, my daughter and my mate Jean, we had a Starbuck after then me and Lolly went for a bike ride for an hour.

I am now sat here watching the ice skating and chilling.

The diet? I have only managed to earn 18.5 bonus points instead of my usual 35, as I didn't get to do my usual 13 mile bike ride on Saturday and I have eaten more of them that last week so really not sure what way the weigh in will go............

I am pleased that I haven't totally lost it which I could quite easily after the last three weeks of 'good behaviour' with no weight loss. Let's see what Tuesday brings.....


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  1. Just want to say you have done really well sticking to plan despite not seeing great results on the scales. It will be worth it in the end hun and you should be very proud!