Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Big sigh.....................

I have stayed the same again this week, so the eating extra points didn't work......

I am gutted to be honest, 3 weeks of sticking to plan and earning an average of 30-35 points and only losing half a pound for that period is understandably disappointing.......

It has even stumped my WW leader and she had no other suggestions except for to persevere......not really inspiring but I will carry on.



  1. Post your workouts so we can see how your earning your points. Maybe you need to mix it up a bit. Your body can get used to the same level of activity quite easily. Do some weight training. Maybe you are not working at the right intensity. Get a heart rate monitor to know your working hard enough. Try doing things like skipping and interval running to get the heart really going. Or maybe you actually need a rest, I know it sounds funny but it has worked for me in the past.

    Stick with it, your doing so well, your an inspiration.


  2. If you've been exercising regularly, your body has gotten accustomed to it and it'll take more... more time, more intensity, more effort to get anywhere.

    Hang in there!

  3. Hi hunnie ! Dont give up !! Hang in there and your hard work will pay off ...eventually. Have you tried changing the foods your eating? Sometimes when the body keeps getting the same foods, it gets bored. Shake it up a little and try new things. Its a long shot, but it may work. Your doing great so hang in there x

  4. How very dispiriting it must be for you. I can't offer anything more helpful than the others above me already have, just to say stick with it. You've come so far and you will go farther. x

  5. The same thing has happened to me. For your daily activity points are you 0pts or 2pts? I upped mine from 0-2 and my weight loss slowed down loads. I dropped those 2pts 2 weeks ago and things started to move again. I don't normally touch my activity points and never know if I should be eating some/all of them.
    It's so annoying but it'll eventually catch up x