Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Busy times ahead.....

I have been checking out all the social things that are coming up for me and mine and my next weekend where I am not doing anything is the middle of October?!?!?

It started this weekend with Maz's henweekend and the rest is as follow:

This weekend we are going to my friends overnight for food and drink
4-6 Sept - Maz's second hen night and Decorate the kitchen
12 th September - Maz's wedding
14th September - my 40th birthday
18-19th September - Out with Andy and Dave's wedding
26th September - been told to keep free for family time for my birthday
1-3rd October - Going to see Hairspray, work do (all paid for)

I am tired just looking at all this!

WW wise I am going to be really good in between each thing and then enjoy them without going mad. I should easily maintain through the next 6 weeks which I will be happy with then it will be all guns blazing for the run up to Xmas and a fab outfit!!


  1. busy lady
    will be tough to be good during all that but im sure you will be :)

  2. Wow, you are going to be a very busy lady. And your 40th birthday isn't too far away! Hope you've got something exciting planned... or do you want to let it slip by unnoticed? Enjoy all the special occasions xx