Tuesday, 4 August 2009

In Childrens A&E for 8 hours!!

I am really drained after spending 8 hours in childrens hospital with Lolly again. They have said she is suffering from severe migraines, home now and in bed, she was very brave giving blood, having an ECG and a catscan, I NEVER want to see one of my children in one of those machines ever again!!!!!

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  1. Oh bless her. I hope she is ok. I know what you mean. My eldest daughter had to be rushed in hospital 3 years ago with viral meningitus and she was in for 3 days. I held her hand while she had a lumbar puncture. It was awful. I too never want to see one of my children so vulnerable again. Bless her. She was an angel with everything they put her through xx