Monday, 3 August 2009

I am.........

......pissed off, I stick to my diet, walked 46000 steps and I have stayed the same this week?!?!? WTF???? I know it is a day early and my last weigh in was in the daytime and not at night but even so...................not even half?!!??


  1. Oh hunnie considering you weighed a day early and at a different time of day, has to account for something. Im sure you will find a huge loss waiting for you next week :O) x

  2. Thanks Tina,
    I am a bit calmer now, I just get a tad annoyed when things like this happen.


  3. That difference in time of day will definitely have an impact - I can vary by 3lb morning till night. I'm sure your efforts will show up at next WI.