Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Water, water everywhere.........................

and none of it going in my belly!!!

I find it really hard to drink plenty of water. I find if I sit with a big glass or bottle of it on my desk it really puts me about but I know the benefits of drinking water so needed to think of a way of getting some down my neck...........the answer?..

I worked out that in an average day at work I will get out of my seat to make drinks, take in deliveries, take post upstairs, etc about 6/7 times. Whichever job I am doing I have to go passed the little kitchen where there is a water cooler. So, my plan (which I have started today) is to get a small cup of water each time I pass the kitchen, this should set me well on my way to getting the amount of water I need.....

I hope I can keep it up as the effects of many toilet runs have kicked in!! lol



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