Monday, 11 January 2010

Had a WW epiphany......

this morning.

I was getting dressed ready for work and caught sight of my profile in the mirror and I got really gut has re-appeared......I was so pleased with how it was going down and now I feel like I have let myself down, I was all set to get my post Xmas weigh in last week but due to the white stuff I didn't get there and all I have done since then is eat......I think I have done more damage this last week than Xmas and New Year put together!!!

So that is this or be miserable............I have done so well and I seemed to be hell bent on ruining, as of tomorrow night when I finally get weighed my second leg of the journey starts, I am going to get a brand new card and begin as though I am a new member, I will stay to all the meetings and be inspired by my fellow WW and I will knuckle down to exercise ready for my half marathon.........

This is really something that I have to do now........


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  1. well done you a new year new start, i think a lot of people a feeling the same good luck xxxx