Saturday, 2 January 2010

New year and new plans.........

The downside is that I ate like a pig over Xmas and New Year but the upside is that I enjoyed it and whatever my weight is on Tuesday I will accept that and have that as my fresh new starting weight.

I am also doing a walking half marathon through the night in April for Cancer Research UK so if you would like to donate any money please just click on the link above for my fundraising page.

I will also get back on track with my blog and getting back into doing my Wii fit......

Positive, positive, positive.......



  1. Good to see you back !!! Ive managed to gain 7 pounds over christmas, so dont worry , your not alone !! I found a brilliant quote on facebook this morning.....

    "People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and New Years, when they should worry about what they eat between New Years and Christmas."

    Lol true !!!!!!!! Good luck with getting back on track hunnie x x x

  2. Happy new year to ya, great incentive for you doing the walk, I will get on n sponsor you when pay arrives in Jan!! xx

  3. Thanks both of you.
    Love the quote Tina!