Wednesday, 17 June 2009


I have loved watching The Biggest Loser UK for the last few weeks and continuing on my positive vibe I am going to do an experiment that I saw the black team try last week or the week before and Kev stormed this week!

I have written -3 on my hand and I will keep writing it on throughout the week while sending a message to my brain telling it to inform my body how much I WILL be losing this week. It will keep me focused on my goal for this week.

I chose -3 because that will get me to dead on 14stone which would be brilliant meaning next week I will definately be in the 13's!!

I am in London this weekend but I am not going to let that affect my positiveness and it shouldn't in principle.


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  1. I love the Biggest Loser too...Just written a post about it on my blog....I am sad its over too. Although I have found the application form for the next series and wondered if I should do it. Problem is I cant find anyone to do it with me!!!