Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A lovely dress.........

I have 2 weddings in September and I really love this dress. My dilemma is what size should I buy? I am currently border line 16 top, 18 bottom/14 top 16 bottom depending on the shape and style.

I am focusing on averaging 1lb per week which from today will be 12lbs loss if I keep on target.
Do I go for a 14? or a 12?
Eeeekkk!! Help!!!!!!


  1. Can you buy it nearer the time? I would prob say 14 and get it taken in if its too big nearer the time as a 12 will give you no room for expansion if its needed. Is it online or high street?

    I've just noticed your pic at the top has changed - you have really changed!!!!

  2. It is on the Bravissimo site so dont know how long they keep items on their website, I was thinking 14 as well to be on the safe side.

    Thanks about the pic, I thought I had better update it!

    It isnt the best picture as I was feeling a bit tired that day but it is a true picture! lol


  3. dress is fab & that will be a real motivation for you. x