Monday, 15 June 2009


Well I could write about the most amazing thunderstorm I am currently experiencing or I could write about the meeting I have today at Lolly's school or I could write about work but I don't think I will.

Instead I am going to write about..................................

the attitude of people in this day and age.

I am not going to mention any specific incidents or anything like that it is more my worry about the sort of nation we seem to have turned into.

We seem to be a nation of moaners, scroungers, violent, ignorant and potantially dangerous set of human beings because of the aforementioned things.

I seem to worry more and more about what sort of life my children and eventually grandchildren will have if we carry on like this.

If we get hurt we want paying for it, if we look at someone in the wrong way we end up paying for it, if we don't get things the easy way we don't want to know, if we go to help a small distressed child we must be a peodaphile, if we go to help someone we could end up being hurt or killed, we are letting kids become parents, we are so 'pc' now that we are tying ourselves up in knots, ............ I think you get the gist.

Why is it that the only thing people aspire to is that 15 minutes of fame and instant wealth?!

I know this is just me waffling on but as a nearly 40 year old woman I am more confused by people that I ever was! Most people scare the shit out of me these days, what chance do our kids really have?!


  1. There's a lot of crap in this world, but there's a whole lotta goodness as well. Don't let all the bad stuff blind you to the goodness out there.

  2. I do agree with you and I find myself saying, that never used to happen years ago, i'm only 34 but things seem to have got really scary, really quickly! But as with the last comment, its not all bad. I just think you should live your best life possible n if others don't, well thats just their problem x

  3. Thanks guy I am generally a really positive person but every now and then I think aobut these things and it sets me off on a tangent! lol