Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Oooops need to catch up.

Ok nice stuff first, went to London at the weekend to watch the recording of 2 All Star Family Fortunes shows. Before I went I never had a good word to say about Mr Kay but after seeing how genuinely funny and charming he is (with that extra twinkle) I am now a massive fan! I am so fickle! lol It was a great weekend, the families on the 1st show were Liz McLarnon (Atomic Kitten) and Uri Geller (weird man) and the 2nd show was Donal MacIntyre and Charlie Brooks (Janine from Eastenders). It was 3 hours of laughter and would love to go again.

Another positive, lost 1lb this week which I am pleased with and I am going to re-focus on the -3 project this week as going to London got in the way of that experiment.

Bad shit, I dont actually want to go into details about this but Andy is going through some really horrible stuff at work. They have picked a fight with the wrong person and they are going to regret it completely!! BRING IT ON!!!!

Anyway, the bad will not get me down making me turn to food and the good will push me forward to reaching my goals!!!!



  1. Sounds like you had fun, loving the pic of vern (hottt!!) Sorry there's some bad news too, hope it sorts itself out soon x

  2. Glad you had fun at the TV recording and sorry to hear about your bloke's work :o( Mine is having trouble with his too!

    Please can you let me know what your WW user name is via along with your blog address - I'm updating the blog roll.