Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I am a bit pissed off tonight, I did my photo tracker and only lost half a friggin' pound! Normally I am happy with a loss no matter what the amount but after all my efforts I am a tad annoyed.

My clothes feel looser and I have enjoyed doing the tracking a different way and I am going to try and not let this take the wind out of my scales but it will be hard.

hhmmmm disappointed.



  1. sorry to hear that :(
    Although if you KNOW you stuck to points and FEEL your clothes getting looser, I'd say you probably did lose more, but maybe had a "glitch" like water retention or something... I'm sure you'll see the results next week!

  2. Thanks Sara.

    I know our bodies are strange and unpredictable but it knocks you a bit.

    More positive today and I have bought some different stuff to make my lunches a bit more interesting when I am at work.