Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Well I have been a busy bunny!

On Saturday night went to Bingo with some ladies from work for a 50th birthday celebration, I was so tense at first cos it is so quick and very cutthroat but after a pint of lager I was fine. It was really good fun but not something I could do on a regular basis, I think the only reason the old dears let us out alive was because we didnt win anything! lol

On Sunday I went to Sheffield City Hall to see my sis sing with Sing Live doing songs from the 60's and 70's, it was really good fun and they were all dressed up which look really effective. A group of us went and it made for a lovely evening....

Then last night Miranda and Ash came round for a Quorn curry and a chat which was great, we never stopped chatting and laughing and the evening wizzed passed far too quickly!

Got weigh in tonight which I was looking forward too but I got a suprise visitor in the form of TOTM today totally unexpected and I feel really bloated! TUT! Not impressed, curse this damn body! lol


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