Thursday, 12 March 2009

Lost a couple of days?!?

I think my head has been up my arse these last 2 days, I know I have been busy but I couldnt tell you why! lol

Anyway, put a pound on this Tuesday which annoyed me a bit but moving on.......... I have exactly 51lbs left to lose to get to goal so I spoke to my leader Julie and we are now going to count backwards as of next week. Psychologically I am couting down to a more achievable sounding goal than counting up.

So I am on day 2 of being on that bloody wagon and so far so good, I do feel a bit like I am obsessing about food at the moment but I am sure that once I get a couple of good weeks under my belt it will get back to being easy again. I have got plenty of fruit with me at work so I can 'graze' on that through the day and I am planning ahead with my menus a bit more than I did.

I want to get a good chunk of this weight off before September as I have 3 things to look forward to, one being my 40th. Fingers crossed that I am over that hiccup and back in the game! Hurrah!!! lol



  1. You can do it Shaz. I'm in a similar spot, got food on the brain. Hope we both hit a smooth patch soon! xx