Sunday, 8 March 2009

Yummy curry.............

I made a curry for the first time ever tonight, it was yummy! It wasn't as spicey as I wanted it to be but it was very tasty and everyone ate every mouthfull. I was really pleased with myself, it was quite high in points but now I have an idea to make one I can cut the points down.

Diet has gone well this week, I went slightly over last night by having a pint of lager and some nibbles off a buffet but I was really pleased with that because I could have gone a lot more crazy!

Down side, the battery in my scales has gone and I hate not knowing how my week is going, hopefully will get it replaced before Tuesday so I can have a fair idea about my weigh in, sneaky peeks keep me on track through the week so I am missing the option of getting weighed.

Fingers crossed for a loss this week.



  1. Lol, maybe the battery being dead is a good thing? I have never believed in sneaky peeks myself as I have always thought that if it is bad then it wouldn't motivate me and would more likely make me want to skip class. If it was good I'd probably relax a bit knowing me and then gain back what I had lost! Each to their own though I guess...there's are schools of thought on both methods!

  2. Yay on the curry! I'm loving that the whole family is benefiting from netter diet now I'm weight watching, sounds like yours are too! xx