Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Working things out..........

I started pondering about how much I have lost on my WW journey so I thought I would record it on here.

When I started I weighed exactly 19stone. I lost 39lbs (2st11lbs) online but when I fell off the wagon I put a stone back on so decided to go to classes and get back into the zone, I went back to classes with a starting weight of 17st3lbs. Since then I have lost 36lbs (2st8lbs) as of todays date.

In total so far 61lbs with exactly 50 to go to get to 11st1lb.

I have decided to do the next part of my WW journey as follows:

Because I have 50 lbs left to lose I am going to start counting backwards from this number and tick off the pounds I have left to lose. I will ask Julie if she can start me a new card doing the same (she can still record total loss if she wants to) and record it this way on my card.

Because of losing some online before going to a class I did achieve 50lbs but got no certificate so I will also make a note that when I have lost 14lbs of the 50 outstanding I will get a certificate for 50lbs lost in class.

I hope this makes sense when I tell Julie on Tuesday! lol

Working all this out has made me feel really motivated again!


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