Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Fruit and Veg!

At the WW class last night the talk was on eating our '5-a-day'. Now this is something I really struggle with. I don't mind fruit and veg, it just isnt at the top of my list of things to eat.

But because I like my WW leader I thought I would at least try to have more so this morning I popped in to the co-op and got some nice grapes to have through the day today. I split them in half so that I can have some today and some tomorrow. They have been nice to have next to me as I have done my work and it did stop me from eating my lunch too early.

Tonight I will make sure I have loads of veg with my tea and I am going to have some pineapple for pudding. It will be interesting to see if I feel any better for it at the end of the week. I am expecting to be a bit more windy than normal too! lol

I feel like I am firmly back in the zone today.


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