Thursday, 19 March 2009

Day 2 of photo tracker - Wed dinner to Thurs lunch

For dinner last night I had a lovely sausage casserole and a small bread roll followed by some pears then to end the evening I had a crunchie.
For breakfast this morning I was rushing a bit so just had some toast and for my lunch today I am having cream cheese sandwiches with some cheese Snack A Jacks, WW Blueberry bar and some grapes.
I have had a couple of cups of tea already and 1 pint of water so well on my way there.
How I feel today: Still in control and loving the sun.


  1. Love that you take pictures of your food! At our meeting on Wednesday they were laughing about that and wondering who takes pictures of their food! I sometimes do but not lately! Keep up the good work!


  2. I just decided to give it a try because I was getting what our leader called 'tracking fatigue' and it is making it more fun again. It is also making me stop and think what I am having because by posting the pics on here I want people to see that I am choosing the right sort of food! lol

    I have food photo vanity! ROFL!