Thursday, 23 April 2009

Clothes shopping and...........

what is actually fashionable these days???

You would think that losing the weight I have so far that this would get easier but it was horrible shopping today. I was really looking forward to having a bit of browsing time on my own (thanks to Andy!) but I soon got fed up.

All I needed was a top for when I go out on the 9th, my first dilemma was what do people actually wear and the second was what size to pick up.

I saw some lovely tops which looked more daytimey but I thought I could add accessories to make them more suitable for an evening out. I took them to the changing room and I looked ridiculous! They fit in some places and not others or the style was not flattering to my big boobs, it was all very frustrating and I gave up and came home feeling very sorry for myself. I still have no idea what to wear and I now feel crap about myself and see myself as fat as I was before I lost the weight! How on earth did I get clothes to fit then?!?!!?!?

Bollocks to it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I have the same problem... was thinking about hiring a "personal stylist" for a day. They take you shopping and advise you on styles, shapes and colours that work for you. Maybe something I'll treat myself to when I reach goal, before investing in a whole new wardrobe :)

  2. That sounds like fun, would be even better if Gok came and did it! lol