Sunday, 19 April 2009

End of my two weeks off.

Well my two weeks off is over and I am back to work tomorrow, I am looking forward to it but I have really enjoyed my time off, it has been busy and I have walked loads and had good weight losses. I have loved the fun I have had with the kids, they have been really well behaved this holidays which makes me think that they were as ready for a break as I was.

I had an NSV as well this holiday, I finally got into some size 16 jeans and I felt great!!! I am soooo happy. WW is great!!!

Right I am off to get my pack up ready for tomorrow and iron all the clothes so I can chill out and relax while I curl up with Andy and watch Supernatural later.

Happiness is.........


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  1. whoop, well done you. your post is brimming with motivation and energy =)