Thursday, 2 April 2009

A lovely day.

I have had a lovely day today.

Andy and I were both off so we decided to eat at our favourite restaurant for lunch today, it was yummy as always and tasted even nicer because it was all pointed! We treated ourselves to some new clothes as well and I have bought 3 size 14 vest t-shirts (cant remember the last time I bought that size!) and a size 10 jumper (?!?!?), I can only assume the style was roomy! lol

I then had the final parents evening tonight, Will and Lolly had both had really good reports but it was Matthew's that I was apprehensive about with him having learning difficulties and this being his first year in secondary school, turns out that we had picked the right school and after some settling in he seems to be thriving! I am soooo happy, what a great day.

I love my family very much.


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