Friday, 10 April 2009

What is 20+ years between old school friends?

As it turns out absolutely nothing!

Facebook has opened the door to the past for me and has got me back in touch with an old school friend, I was really happy to be back in touch with her (and a few others) and we chatted first on FB and then on the phone, if I was ever worried that we would be strangers and have nothing to talk about I was VERY wrong. It was like we had seen each other just yesterday, she arrived with 2 of her lovely children and as kids do they immediatly went off with mine and got on straight away! lol We talked and talked in between eating lunch and taking the kids to the park and the farm and before we knew it 5 hours had passed and it was time for them to go! It went so fast but I know that it is the first of many visits to come. We had hardly scratched the surface of what we had been doing but a lot has happened in 20 years! Happy times ahead me thinks!


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