Friday, 24 April 2009

Our bodies.....

I didn't get to my weigh in this week because I had a really bad migraine that wiped me out so I decided to get weighed today feeling quietly confident that I would have lost as I have been in the zone for the last few weeks...............anyway, it showed 4.5lbs on!!! (I took into consideration that I was wearing different clothes and I did need a wee but even so....).

I am gutted to be honest. The only thing I can think off is that it is my TOTM. The last 6 months have been horrendous when it has come to my period, they have started getting heavier, longer and more painful but also, at the same time these changed I started getting migraine every couple of days, my boobs got extremely painful when they never used too and these last couple I have got pain at the top of both legs that is so bad I felt like buying some walking sticks because it was too much and at some points I wanted to just sit and cry! I have been to the Doctors but they are not convinced that all this is related and are insisting that each thing is treated seperately?!?! Getting stressed about it isn't helping but at the end of the day we all know our own bodies and mine is telling me that something major is changing and I am convinced it could be the start of menopause. I will be 40 in September and I know this is a little early but it is possible. I just wish the Doctor would consider this could be the reason.

I am considering asking to see another doctor for a second opinion............


  1. Hey hun, I'm sorry to hear about the gain and the pain... definitely get a second opinion, doctors are only too human and error-prone. Having said that, it just sounds like bad PMS to me, but then I'm no specialist :)

    Regarding the gain, it could just be down to water retention or a big meal that's hanging around a little too long... maybe weigh again in a couple of days? I hate when that happens!

    Hope you have a nice weekend xxx

  2. Hi Sara

    I am not normally such a grump things have just got to me a bit this last few weeks. I am going to get a second opinion cos this just cant be right.

    I am still sticking to my points but it is hard when you feel down.

    I will have a good weekend, hope yours is a good one too.