Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Hmmm downward spiral anyone?

Was all set for weigh in last night but when I got home from collecting Lolly from school a migraine came and landed on my head with a great force that I could hardly move and to top that my reluctant period arrived finally, this meant that I didn't get to weigh in so I have decided to leave it on my weight tracker as a STS.

I settled down to sleep the evening away when a shout from Andy sent me upstairs to the bathroom where our water tank had flooded all over the bathroom floor! We got that sorted and I took all the soaked towels to hang out on the washing line, I can't wash them because our washing machine died on Sunday so will have to wash them when the replacement comes on Thursday. Anyway, we needed to get the old washing machine out so we decided to get that done which also resulted in water all over the kitchen floor due to whoever fitted our kitchen were rubbish and made it extremely hard to get the washing machine out!!! As you can imagine we both got fed up and snappy with each other and my migraine was treatening to blow my head right off if I didn't sit down and sleep.

We spent the rest of the evening in near silence because we were both so fed up and my body was being rebellious!

The only thing that will cheer me up is if the new washing machine not only washes but irons the clothes and puts them away for me too!! lol

Thank god the weather is nice!


  1. oh no, sounds like one of those days :(
    isn't it strange how negative things tend to attract more negative things?
    Sending positive thoughts your way, hoping to turn the tide :)

  2. Thanks Sara
    I know what you mean!!
    I am sure things will get better.


  3. Erk poor you. Hope the head fog clears and the new machine hoovers, cooks and cleans...