Monday, 27 April 2009

My plan.....

to try and crawl back into the WW zone is as follows:

Get weighed first thing tomorrow and see what my body has decided to do as far as how much it wants to weigh.

Try not to let it get me down because my body has been weird and not wanting to actually get rid of any fat of late.

Get all the shopping ordered for delivery on pay day and start trying some new recipes.

Drink lots of water.

Try and get out walking more if the weather is nice or get on the Wii if it is rubbish.

See now this all sounds like I am ready to get in the zone but truth is I am far from it. I have been sticking to WW like an angel but these last 2 weeks have been crap body wise and it has really knocked my confidence. I dont think it helped that I need a top for going out in a week or so and I went to try loads of things on and nothing looked right, how come I have lost so much weight already and I still can't get anything to fit?!

I really dont want to ruin all the good work I have done but I feel that I am close to tipping over the edge and completely rebelling against WW. It isn't a nice feeling to be this close to losing it and I am not sure what it will take to keep me going the way I want so any suggestions welcome.


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  1. huge hugs. I have been there, and fallen into the hole. It didn't make me feel better.. doing what you've planned would have.

    Take it in small steps until it comes easily again. WI tomorrow and stay on track. Just get tomorrow done.