Friday, 8 May 2009

Armed seige and chocolate cake!

Our whole street woke up to this today, not what you need on a Friday morning I can tell you! We had to stay in our homes until the police said it was ok to go.

I had to phone 2 schools and work and it felt really weird saying that we may not be in because of an armed siege!! I am sure they thought I was making a prank call!!

Fortunately the man has been arrested so the street will be clear when we get home later. I got to work and that is when the realisation hit me how dangerous it had all been especially when me and the kids had to run down our road to get off the street!

I got a huge coffee and by good luck it was a work colleagues birthday today and she had bought in cake which I had a piece of and I won't be counting!

What a morning, glad it is all over.................


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  1. There was an armed seige outside my flat. Idiotic police didn't notify anyone and didn't think to tell me that I shouldn't really be sat at the bus stop waiting for a bus. Only when I noticed a policeman with a gun did I work out somethin wasn't right!!!!