Friday, 15 May 2009


Did 40 minutes on the Wii fit last night and unlocked yet another Yoga position. The mere thought of Yoga bores me but because I have now unlocked them all I thought I would give it a chance and had a go at a few!

I was bloody rubbish!!!! I have got no sense of balance at all and my trainer kept telling me that I was swaying, who wouldnt be stood on one foot with the other tucked up around my crotch?!? Anyway, needless to say I found it as boring as I thought I would, I think this is because I am of the old school way of thinking in that if I am not sweating and out of breath then it isn't working. I just didn't FEEL like it was doing anything for me. I will probably give it another whirl but for now I will stick to the aerobic stuff and muscle workout.

BTW the one called 'Sun Salutation' should , in my opinion, be called the 'Moon Salutation' surely?????



  1. LOL! I wobble about all over the place too - can't do the tree for love nor money, plus I've pulled something in my back trying to hold one of the positions. I guess we've just got to persevere a bit longer. :)

  2. lol glad I am not the only one!!

    I will keep trying, I promise!